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Massage is a sequence of stroking moves light to deep pressure that is adapted to the individual needs, can be very relaxing or more intense to work deeper in the muscle tissue to relieve tension and muscular pain.The treatment benefits physiologically and psychologically, manipulates the soft tissue of the body, producing heat , stimulating the vascular and nervous system.
It doesn't matter which type of massage is chosen, it always promotes general well being and after a good treatment you will feel like a new you.
  • Swedish body massage
Relaxing massage, works superficially and deeper into the tissue layers, gentle to moderate pressure with long relaxing  strokes to ensure receiving a wonderful, relaxing treatment
60 mins £50
  • Deep tissue massage
Focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. It aims to release tension in the body through slow strokes and deep pressure. It is the most effective therapy to break up scar tissues, knots and loosen up tight muscles
60 mins
  • Back,neck and shoulder massage
Relaxing or deep tissue

About tight muscles and knots

What knots are?
Knots are also called trigger points which are contraction in the muscle tissue in a small part that can be very painful when pressed on it.
If a knot is bad enough it can reproduce referred pain which are the common symptoms of stiff muscles, back ache, headache, migraine, or the kind of pain in the neck that won't let you turn your head.


  • Accidents, falls, strain, overwork of the muscles
  • Can be caused and maintained by postural factors such as couches, chairs, seats in cars that strain muscles by failing to properly support the body.
  • Repetitive movements e.g. working at the computer keyboard for hours

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